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Learn how to care for your Folded Steel blades

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If you've run into an issue with your blade, this is the place to start.

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Will your knives cut through bone?

Our knives will cut through soft bone and cartilage. The knives will not cut through cattle femurs, deer antlers, or anything along those lines. Don’t be trying to use your lifetime craftsmanship warranty after an antler test because it will not be c

Where are your products made?

Folded Steel is based in Nashville, Tennessee where all of our products are designed and prototyped. We have a man on the ground running the everyday operation of our main forge in Pakistan and we partner with artisans in the US and China for our oth

What type of steel do you use?

Our Lotus and Dahlia collections are pattern welded Damascus made with 1095 & 15n20. The Wolf's Bane collection uses a 1095 core with a 10Cr15CoMoV Stainless Steel and Nickel Jacket. The Primrose collection is made with a solid billet of 1095.

When will this product be back in stock?

We have been blessed with a super supportive community, sometimes so supportive we can't keep up! We're working hard to keep all products in stock, however, most of our products are handmade and require lots of time and skill to make. If you have you