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How should I maintain my knives?Updated 3 months ago

High carbon steel knives offer numerous benefits, but they require extra care to prevent rust and keep them in top condition. We'll guide you through the process to ensure your knife stays sharp and reliable.

Firstly, maintaining cleanliness is paramount. Throughout use, it's crucial to wipe the blade clean with an oiled rag, particularly when cutting proteins or acidic foods. After each use, wash the knife with warm, soapy water, ensuring thorough drying with a clean rag. Finish by applying a coat of knife oil for protection.

Initially, your knife came with a wax coating for easier maintenance, but this fades with time. To maintain smoothness, utilize our knife and board wax. Apply an even layer to the blade and handle, allowing it to sit for 15 to 20 minutes before buffing it out. Remember to follow up with a coat of oil for added protection.

The frequency of wax reapplication depends on your knife usage. For the average home chef, reapplying wax every two months should suffice. By adhering to these maintenance practices—keeping your knife clean, dry, and oiled—you'll ensure its longevity and performance. Here's to a happy, well-maintained knife!

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